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What is Art?

"Infinite", 10" x 10", Oil on Linen on Board

"Infinite", 10" x 10", Oil on linen on board by David Koch


I am entering the blogosphere by asking the big question:

What is Art?

At this point in my artistic journey I believe that anything can be called art.

Art is something that has perceived value.

That value is as varied as there are people on this planet. These values include:

Beauty (I look forward to exploring what that is)

Teaches me something

Symbolizes an idea or principle

Evokes memories

Historical value

Informational value

Sentimental value




Values (darks and lights)




Demonstrates technical ability Helps me understand



Resale or investment value

Shock value

Keeping up with the Jones'



Artist Name

What do you think could be added to this list?

The more of these values that we think something posses, the more likely we are to call it art. Any of these values can be valid, however each of us has a different idea of which ones are most important.


As we become clear on what our values are we can be more informed and focused as we try to reach our creative goals.

As collectors, we can more clearly define why we like a piece of art and therefore choose art that will speak to our values every time we look at it and not become just a decoration.

I think it is essential that the values and goals of an artist should be clearly understood by anyone that collects his or her art.

Becoming aware of which values you consider important will allow you to make informed choices when collecting and creating art.

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